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The Most Natural Feeling Dentures Available In Modern Dentistry?


Using implants to stabilise loose, embarrassing dentures at Kent Smile Studio.

Dentures can be a real boost for oral health in that they can help you to eat, talk and look better than when missing teeth are left as gaps in the mouth.

Denture materials have advanced considerably in recent years as have the techniques used to make them, leading to a much better, all-round experience for patients when compared to the traditional dentures of years ago.

Compared to missing teeth, dentures have many benefits including:

  • Maintaining the structure of the face which changes with missing teeth
  • Helping you eat more normally than with missing teeth
  • Helping you speak better than with missing teeth
  • Avoiding the common collapse of surrounding teeth that move to fill the missing tooth gap
  • Giving you more confidence because your smile is complete
  • Making your smile look better

The problem is that dentures, although a viable alternative to missing teeth, do have their issues regardless of whether or not they have been fitted with precision at Kent Smile Studio. Indeed they can be very problematic for some patients, who long for a more natural feeling smile.

Would you feel happier if your dentures were more secure? Would you love a more natural feeling smile?

You can have both of those things and more with implant retained dentures here at your local dentist, with convenient branches in Maidstone and Chatham. Implant retained dentures are innovative inventions designed to provide patients with high functioning smiles that are free from mess and potential embarrassment when compared to standard dentures. You can live a life where messy denture adhesive, avoiding hard or crunchy foods and living in fear of laughing in case your dentures fall out, are all a thing of the past. You deserve to feel secure in your smile and we can help you!

How ‘Normal’ Dentures Still Have Their Downsides

Normal dentures are a good solution to missing teeth, especially when our dedicated team creates them. We can create precise dentures that are comfortable and made to last. However, no matter how precise dentures are, they can still have their issues for some patients, even if an experienced denture-fitting team has been involved.

Common denture issues include, but are not limited to:

  • ‘Wet Mouth’ – This is where the mouth is reacting to the foreign object (the dentures) and creates extra saliva to try to rid the mouth of the object. It can make you spit more, or even dribble. This condition usually only happens when dentures have just been fitted, but can be a long-term issue for some denture wearers.
  • Accidents – Denture slippage can be a real problem that is both embarrassing and impractical for wearers. Dentures slip in social situations often rendering the person it has happened to completely mortified.
  • Sore Mouth – Sores in the mouth are often avoided with well fitted dentures and great denture adhesive. However, in some instances the wearer may get sores regularly which can be very uncomfortable.
  • A Change In Eating Habits – Sadly, dentures just aren’t as secure as dental implants or natural teeth. This means that even with the best denture adhesive, some foods like crusty bread or crunchy vegetables are totally off-limits. The way dentures work also means a lot of the palate is covered, so food just doesn’t taste the same.
  • A Change In Speech – Denture wearers may struggle with a full mouth feeling that affects the way they sound.

Even if a denture wearer does not experience any of these issues, there is still a problem with dentures that affects everybody and that is that they do not replace the missing tooth root. The missing teeth are replaced but the root is not, which can lead to the jawbone degrading and changing the way your face looks, causing ageing issues over time.

Implant Retained Dentures – Secure, Beautiful And Innovative

Dental implants are an incredibly innovative treatment that we are proud to offer at our local dentists. They are considered to be the highest standard of tooth restoration and they are a great pairing with dentures. Made from titanium, they replace your tooth root and provide an anchor for beautiful dentures made in our professional laboratory.

Placed in the jawbone, they heal over a period of months after which dentures are connected. Your dentures are totally secure when in place, but are also easily removed for cleaning to maintain hygiene.

Implant Retained Dentures Are Often Cheaper Than Standard Implants

Another benefit is that we usually only need up to 6 implants to support one jaw of dentures, compared to an implant per tooth as would be needed with individual tooth implants. This makes it a much cheaper and practical treatment in comparison. With individual implants, each implant replaces each tooth root and the connecting part holds a single crown. This is an excellent choice for one missing tooth, however, it isn’t necessary to use individual implants where all or several teeth have been lost. A cheaper option is implant retained dentures which work similarly to normal implants but in an adapted way that costs less overall. 2 to 6 implants are placed which support the dentures, leading to quicker treatment and often, avoidance of bone grafting where the underlying jaw bone has degraded.

Key benefits of denture retained implants include:

  • Security – The dentures remain in place with no chance of slipping or moving
  • Jawbone Preservation – Jawbone degradation is reduced as your natural tooth roots are replaced
  • Natural Looking And Feeling – With no plate in the mouth, no glue and a secure fit, your dentures will feel more natural
  • Better Speech – There will be less denture in your mouth so your speech will be more like it was before
  • Comfort – No suction, no glue and no changes in your jawbone makes for better comfort all round
  • Better Eating – You won’t have any denture material on your palate which means you can taste better. You can also be more adventurous with what you eat with no fear of slippage
  • Better Confidence – You don’t need to worry about slippage any more so you can feel confident about your smile again!

Please call Kent Smile Studio To Discuss The Latest In Denture Innovation

You deserve secure, beautiful teeth that enable you to live life the way you want to, and implant retained dentures can provide you with the kind of smile you deserve.

Please call our teams on 01634 683 123 (Chatham) or 01622 754 662 (Maidstone) and we will be pleased to arrange your consultation.

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