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High Street And Pro Teeth Whitening Options


Are Any Of Them Guaranteed To Work?

Teeth whitening is something that most people hadn’t even heard of 20 years ago, and if you did, it was usually in relation to movie stars having treatments. Much like cosmetic veneers, teeth whitening was a concern only of the rich and famous.

Then reality TV crept in and shows like The Only Way Is Essex showed that everyone could have white teeth if they wanted. With that, professional clinics like Kent Smile Studio, started offering cosmetic smile treatments including teeth whitening, at prices affordable to many. Since then, various other whitening options have appeared, with almost every dental product offering to whiten your teeth, and many celebrities and influencers promoting all kinds of products to help you get white teeth just like them.

To help you navigate your way through the world of teeth whitening options and to ensure your teeth remain beautiful and healthy, we have an overview of the majority of the treatments currently available to you in both professional settings, and on the high street:

Charcoal Products

There seems to be charcoal in everything at the moment, but it came about as a new and innovative teeth whitening treatment, even though activated charcoal has been thought to whiten teeth for a long time.

So, what is it? Activated charcoal is treated carbon which causes the particles within it to be porous. Those pores are thought to suck in and absorb dirt oil and debris, washing away as the charcoal is rinsed away.

Is it good for the teeth? Opinions are mixed but, it might be an abrasive that could cause damage to your enamel in the end. It may also get rid of important medications or things in your mouth you don’t want to go. At the very least, we do know it doesn’t whiten the teeth but rather it removes surface stains and gives the teeth a good clean. Whether your teeth are suitable for that is dependent on your dental condition and we do recommend you speak to your Maidstone or Chatham hygienist or dentist before using a charcoal product.

Whitening Toothpaste

Almost every toothpaste seems to promise tooth whitening, however, as far as professional dentistry is concerned, much like charcoal toothpaste, it can’t do much more than remove surface stains. So it may slow down the effects of drinking lots of coffee and red wine, but it can’t actually change the colour of your natural teeth. In some instances the ingredients in the toothpaste might not be so good for your teeth and/or you’ll be paying more for a product that isn’t any better than a cheap own brand. When you visit Kent Smile Studio for your next appointment we can advise you on the best toothpastes on the market that are suitable for your teeth and gums.

Getting Teeth Whitening Abroad

Going on a holiday for relaxation combined with cosmetic treatments is commonplace these days, but that doesn’t make it any less risky than it used to be. There are some huge risks to getting teeth whitening abroad including:

  • The use of dirty tools or getting treatment in an unhygienic space
  • Being treated by somebody who is not qualified
  • Getting treatment that is not suitable for your teeth or gums
  • Being allowed to have treatment when a medical conditions suggests you shouldn’t have treatment
  • Getting treatment that causes long-term dental damage
  • No aftercare
  • Getting sub-par treatment and losing money

The same risks stand in back-street dental clinics in the UK provided by ‘beauticians’. We recommend you always opt for professional dental bleaching in countries where specific standards are met, and where you can see the certification and safety precautions being made. For the sake of saving money, it isn’t worth it when teeth whitening is so affordable these days. And please remember that teeth whitening is illegal when done by anyone other than a registered dental clinician!

High Street Whitening Products, Such As Whitening Strips

Many whitening strips and kits are certainly not currently proven to work, and they usually have no safety rating. Many people are unaware of the damage that kits like these can do to your teeth, with many directly harming the enamel because of the high levels of hydrogen peroxide. The products can even damage your teeth permanently and may cause damage to your gums too.

Professional Teeth Whitening In-Clinic

Teeth can be discoloured for so many reasons such as smoking, drinking lots of coffee and wine, ageing and some medications. We know that it can affect your confidence if your teeth are discoloured, and even without insecurity, some customers still strive for the perfect smile like influencers and celebrities. These days that A-lister smile is achievable for many. Professional teeth whitening ‘in-clinic’ is currently the only way to ensure proper results and proper safety throughout treatment.

At Kent Smile Studio in Maidstone and Chatham, we offer two different types of professional teeth whitening treatment:


Zoom! is an in-house teeth whitening system we use that is convenient, effective and affordable for the majority of budgets. We first log the colour of your teeth for comparison, and then place protecting gel on your gums. We then add a paste to your teeth and place a special light on the teeth to activate the gel. After around 15 minutes you rinse the product away and we repeat the process two more times until your treatment is complete.  Most patients cannot believe the incredible difference to the shade of their teeth in just one hour of treatment.

Professional Teeth Whitening At Home

If you feel that professional teeth whitening at home is something you would prefer, we have a great treatment to offer you that is just as effective as in-house treatment. The key difference is that it takes more time than one session or application so you won’t get results in just one hour. However, after using custom trays and a special whitening paste for just two weeks at home you will see a huge change in the whiteness of your smile.

Are Veneers An Option For Improving The Whiteness Of The Teeth?

Veneers are thin sheets of porcelain used to completely change the shape, shade and size of the teeth. For that reason they are a reasonable option for teeth whitening, although they do cost more, so we would recommend you opt for veneers if you want more of an overall smile transformation, otherwise teeth whitening is quite likely to give you the results you would like.

Please Speak To Our Teams in Maidstone And Chatham About Professional Teeth Whitening

If you would like cosmetic dentistry treatment with safe results that are proven to be effective, please get in touch with Kent Smile Studio today. We offer the latest in teeth whitening to patients looking to enjoy whiter teeth up to several shades lighter. We invite you to speak to our friendly team on 01634 683 123 or 01622 754 662 to book a professional teeth whitening consultation at a time to suit you.

Alternatively if you do want any advice on any of our treatments or services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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