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Gum Disease

What is a periodontist?

A periodontist is a dentist who has further qualifications in the treatment and management of gum disease.

Treatment of Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease)

The first step would be an accurate and full assessment of your condition. At Kent Smile Studio, our periodontist would undertake this and take the necessary x-rays and gum measurements to assess this. Your medical health will also be assessed as this can have an impact on the severity of the gum disease.

The aim of gum disease treatment is not only to look for a cure for the gum disease but to control it before it spreads to other teeth. If caught early, then the periodontist may be able to provide treatment for gingivitis (a milder form of gum disease due to plaque build-up). This ensures that the gingivitis does not progress to periodontitis (gum disease).

Forms of Treatment:

The treatment is usually carried out by a specialist in gum disease (periodontist). Treatment can be in the form of:

  • Scaling and root planing: This is removing the plaque and calculus in pockets that have developed. This may be carried out under local anaesthetic.
  • Surgical treatment and medication/mouthwashes: This is for more advanced gum disease. This would be carried out under local anaesthetic. Medication is used in conjunction with surgery and root planing and is not effective alone.
  • Gum grafting: This is the process of growing gums back where they have receded due to gum disease. This in turn makes the teeth easier to clean teeth, reduces the sensitivity and improves the aesthetics of your smile.

Meet our Periodontist: Victoria Rincon

Cert in Surgical and Prosthodontic Implantology UCL (Eng) Specialist in Periodontology and Oral Medicine (Col) Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Col)

GDC No: 160263

Learn more about Victoria

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