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The Essential 15 Oral Health Tips For You To Take Into 2020


15 oral health tips ready for the New Year

As we move towards New Year we often try to leave previous habits behind and instead seek to improve areas of our lives that we feel need attention.

There are countless resolutions that can be made to make life better, and it’s great to aspire to reach goals we have set ourselves. One area frequently ignored in the New Year though, is oral health.

Our health gadgets don’t care about whether we brushed our teeth and you can’t measure how effectively you remove plaque on a step counter!

However, your overall health and oral health and very deeply connected and if you do anything going into 2020, it should be to maintain or obtain really good oral health. To help you get there, here are the 15 essential health tips your recommended Chatham dentist advises taking into the coming year:

Visit The Dentist

Visit the dentist at least every six months, to ensure any problems are spotted and treated as early as possible.

Brush Twice A Day For Two Minutes

Brushing twice a day for two minutes is so important because it removes the food debris that bacteria feed on. The bacteria produce acid which damages the teeth and aggravates the gums. Just two minutes a day of effective brushing helps remove this.


Flossing is not just for Americans! Flossing gently helps to clean between the teeth and the gums, fighting the plaque and bacteria that causes problems.

Cut Down On Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks are one of the worst things that we can consume for our health. The sugar amounts are so high, they are never good for your mouth or your body.


Exercise is important for your oral health as well as your general health because it helps blood circulate and reach your gums and other oral tissues.

Quit Smoking

Yes, you’ve heard it all before, but it is still such an important consideration to make if you do smoke. Quitting, might just be the best thing you can ever do for your health overall. If you want some tips on quitting, our hygienist can help.

See Us Before You Get Pregnant

If you are thinking about getting pregnant it is important to see the dentist, as any essential work and diagnostics are best done before you go ahead.

Eat Loads Of Fruit & Veggies

Fruit and vegetables are essential for overall health and especially for your oral health. A lack of fruit and veggies in the diet has been linked to cancer risks so it is important to “eat the rainbow” each and every day.

Speak To Your Dentist About Systemic Illness

If you have an illness like Lupus or Sjrogens, oral health support is extremely important. The right dentist can help you maintain excellent oral health so you don’t have any further symptoms to contend with in addition to those associated with your condition.

Let Us Know About Medication Changes

If you have changed medication it is important to let your dentist know. Some medication can cause side effects that can affect your oral health, such as dry mouth.

Let Us Know About A Change In Health Status

If you have an important change in health status such as a cancer or diabetes diagnosis, your Chatham dentist needs to know. Those illnesses and many others can cause issues with oral health which can be managed, as long as your dentist knows about them.

Stop Putting Off Seeing The Dentist About That Niggling Issue

Maybe you have a toothache that you manage with day to day. Perhaps there’s some decay you have noticed but you haven’t had time to come and see us at our local clinic? These issues need attention ASAP to stop them getting any worse. Don’t put them off until your next checkup because you could end up with something much worse than your current problem. In particular, any infections could lead to an abscess which can cause blood poisoning if it is not treated. The sooner you see a dentist about a pressing oral health issue, the better.

Get Some Specific Oral Hygiene Advice

If you are struggling with your oral hygiene regime, why not see our Chatham based hygienist? Our hygienist is trained to clean your teeth and help you maintain your gum health. She can also offer a wide range of tips and tricks to help you maintain your oral health in the most effective way possible.

Book That Consultation

If you have been putting off a dental consultation because of a phobia or because you are ashamed of your oral health, now is the time to make a change. At your Kent Smile Studio dentist we are not judgemental and we are here to support all of our patients. Whether you have been avoiding the dentist because of phobia, or shame, we are only concerned with helping you feel better and getting the help you need. Please get in touch; we are dedicated to helping you!

Smile More!

If you can smile, you should smile. Smiling is good for your mental health, it makes you look more attractive, it even makes you more likely to get a job. Smiling more is something everybody should do going into 2020 and if you’re not smiling, that can be a really good hint as to which area of your life you should be focusing on for the year ahead. But if your smile itself is giving you cause for concern, we are here to help with the latest cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Hopefully you’re finding our top oral health tips for 2020 useful, but if you need further advice or to book an appointment with one of our dentists or hygienists, please call our team on 01634 683 123. We’re here to help you get 2020 off to a great start with your oral health!

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