The Essential Summer Oral Care Guide

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Courtesy of your Kent Smile Studio dentist in Maidstone!

Summer is finally here, and the weather forecast for mid and late summer so far looks to be pretty great.

Realistically though, you can’t rely on the weather in the UK, and most Brits know all too well to have a backup plan for any pre-planned outdoor activity.

What your Maidstone dentist does know for sure is that Summer can be a really challenging time for your oral health. The change in routine, the garden party buffet foods, the barbecues, the summer cocktails, the summer sports – your smile can have a lot to contend with during these longer, warmer months!

For that reason, we wanted to help you with some oral self care tips to keep your summer selfie in great shape. And because we love our patients so much, we also wanted to share some general summer self care tips with you too.

So please read on for essential summer self care tips to help you stay happy and healthy in the coming (hopefully hot) months:

Enjoy A Drink, But Keep It Sensible

Nobody likes the word sensible, especially when it comes to lovely cocktail parties and late picnics in the park. However, most of us also hate a nasty headache and groggy head the day after a few drinks too many. To boot, your teeth also suffer when you consume acidic, sugary alcoholic drinks, especially when you do it regularly.

To approach drinking alcohol more sensibly, try and minimise it to government drinking guidelines which is usually one or two drinks on any given day. For the sake of healthy teeth, try and avoid fruity ciders, full sugar cola and spirits and fruit juice based cocktails. Do also try and maintain your oral health regime even when you’re getting home late and perhaps having the odd bank holiday lie-in.

Keep Up With Sun Cream Application

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20 Reasons Why You May Need To Go To The Dentist!

examining a dental x-ray at Kent Smile Studio

Any of the following warrant a visit or enquiry with Kent Smile Studio

Going to the dentist is not something most people would say they particularly enjoy, but rather, it forms part of a healthy lifestyle and is a necessary thing to do. Visiting our friendly and professional local dentists is something we take care to be as convenient, efficient and nice of an experience as possible for all our patients.

However, we are sensible enough to know that it isn’t top of the list for most people!

There is nothing wrong with visiting the dentist only when you need to, but a grey area comes when trying to recognise when you do need to visit us. Often many patients might not recognise an early sign that they should be in touch with us. With many oral problems, the earlier you get a diagnosis and treatment, the less pain, inconvenience and money is involved in correcting the issue. So, even though nobody really wants to go to the dentist regularly, it is a good idea to recognise signs that you need to go, so that we can help you quickly and efficiently.

Here are 20 reasons you may need to go to the dentist:

You’re due a checkup

If you are due a checkup then you should call our friendly team and get your appointment booked in. Routine checkups are so important when it comes to your oral health, and we can prevent diagnose and treat a lot of issues in these short 6 monthly appointments.

You’re thinking of becoming pregnant

If you want to become pregnant, it is a good idea to visit your dentist to have any X-rays or specific dental work done before you are actively pregnant. We can also then advise you on what to expect with your oral health pregnancy needs.

You’re on new medication

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The Spotlight On Facial Aesthetics Treatment

Anti wrinkle treatment

Roll back the signs of ageing at Kent Smile Studio in Chatham and Maidstone!

Over the last ten years, dental services across the UK, and worldwide have extended far beyond the high levels of general dentistry that we’ve become accustomed to. Cosmetic dentistry services are much more widely available and affordable, enabling patients to achieve the celebrity smile they have always dreamed of, enjoying a smile that is both healthy and beautiful.

In addition, further cosmetic services are now standard practice for many modern dental practices. As the smile is often considered to be central to the beauty of the face, naturally, the surrounding features work together with the smile to form the complete facial aesthetic. So offering services such as facial aesthetics is a natural addition to dentistry, and your Kent Smile Studio team is pleased to offer a wide range of latest treatments for patients.

The facial aesthetics services offered by us are focused on dealing with commonly unwanted signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging or loss of volume in the skin. Often patients want to further their dental smile enhancement with non-surgical, pain-free treatments like Botox and fillers, which can be skillfully applied in just one appointment.

Why Can I Get Facial Aesthetics At My Dentists?

Although being able to get Botox and fillers at the dentist is fairly common now, a lot of people are still surprised that their local dentist offers this kind of service. Botox and fillers were something previously associated with a cosmetic surgery clinic only, and so finding out about the easily available services from qualified facial aesthetics team members does come as a surprise to patients. From your Kent Smile Studio dentists perspective, a dental clinic is the ideal space for facial aesthetics. It is a hygienic, medical setting with strict safety and hygiene laws and standards, and only the highest expectations with qualifications, training and service. Facial aesthetics are a natural addition to our services because smile enhancement relates to the overall beauty of the face, and Botox and fillers can further enhance or minimise features that patients feel unhappy with.

Compared to backstreet beauty clinics, home-visit ‘beauty’ experts and other spaces where medical procedures like Botox and fillers should not be available, your dental clinic really is a safe choice for these kinds of treatments. We are pleased to offer these services in a place patients can trust is safe and hygienic.

Are Facial Aesthetics Right For You?

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The Keto Diet

Dentist in surgery

Any implications for oral health?

The keto diet is the latest in hot health trends to hit the world, and it seems to be all you hear about in health circles obsessed with the best way to lose weight and stay trim. Is it effective or healthy?

Your Kent Smile Studio dentist can’t answer that, and we can’t recommend anybody starts keto or any other diet without consulting a medical expert first.

However, what we can do is take a closer look at the trend, and put the spotlight on how it might affect your oral health, which is what we do know plenty about. As with any extreme diet choice, it is important to understand how it might affect all areas of your body, so you know how to avoid problems or seek additional support with them.

Here’s a handy insight into ‘keto’ and your oral health from Kent Smile Studio.

So, What Is A Keto Diet?

Keto, has been compared to the Atkins diet because it is also a low carb eating plan. Keto is a shortened version of ketogenic which relates to ketones. Ketones are little molecules that provide energy for the body when glucose isn’t freely available. The body makes ketones when a low amount of carbs are consumed and a small-medium amount of protein. Fat is the main ingredient used by the liver to make ketones, and the body then uses the ketones. The brain is thought to benefit particularly from lots of glucose or ketones, ketones of which, with this diet, are thought to be preferable to glucose.

Keto And Fat Loss

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High Street And Pro Teeth Whitening Options

Nice white teeth

Are Any Of Them Guaranteed To Work?

Teeth whitening is something that most people hadn’t even heard of 20 years ago, and if you did, it was usually in relation to movie stars having treatments. Much like cosmetic veneers, teeth whitening was a concern only of the rich and famous.

Then reality TV crept in and shows like The Only Way Is Essex showed that everyone could have white teeth if they wanted. With that, professional clinics like Kent Smile Studio, started offering cosmetic smile treatments including teeth whitening, at prices affordable to many. Since then, various other whitening options have appeared, with almost every dental product offering to whiten your teeth, and many celebrities and influencers promoting all kinds of products to help you get white teeth just like them.

To help you navigate your way through the world of teeth whitening options and to ensure your teeth remain beautiful and healthy, we have an overview of the majority of the treatments currently available to you in both professional settings, and on the high street:

Charcoal Products

There seems to be charcoal in everything at the moment, but it came about as a new and innovative teeth whitening treatment, even though activated charcoal has been thought to whiten teeth for a long time.

So, what is it? Activated charcoal is treated carbon which causes the particles within it to be porous. Those pores are thought to suck in and absorb dirt oil and debris, washing away as the charcoal is rinsed away.

Is it good for the teeth? Opinions are mixed but, it might be an abrasive that could cause damage to your enamel in the end. It may also get rid of important medications or things in your mouth you don’t want to go. At the very least, we do know it doesn’t whiten the teeth but rather it removes surface stains and gives the teeth a good clean. Whether your teeth are suitable for that is dependent on your dental condition and we do recommend you speak to your Maidstone or Chatham hygienist or dentist before using a charcoal product.

Whitening Toothpaste

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Keep Your Smile Healthy This Easter

Smiling family with nice teeth

15 Need-To-Know Tips From Kent Smile Studio!

Easter is nearly here, and the holidays are a fantastic time to enjoy days out, time with friends and family, and most importantly, to enjoy the odd Easter egg.

The problem is, that this time of the year can be incredibly tricky when it comes to oral health. One or two Easter eggs over a couple of weeks isn’t going to do any long term damage, but it isn’t always that easy to keep Easter treats limited.

As well as Easter eggs there are Easter themed buffets, sweeties, cakes and other food and drinks that when consumed regularly, can cause problems. Children are particularly at risk of dental damage from this time of year, predominantly from the fact that bad habits can form, paving the way for future mouth issues.

With that in mind, Kent Smile Studio want to help you enjoy your Easter with a healthy and happy smile at the end of it, and all year round. Take a look at these 15 need-to-know tips to help you keep your families smiles healthy and happy this Easter!

1. Consume Treats At Mealtimes

Whether it is a beautiful Easter cake, a thick chocolate egg or a small piece of confectionery as a prize for best Easter bonnet, it isn’t necessarily the bulk of sugary products consumed that is the issue, but how often they are eaten. The teeth are attacked for up to an hour after eating so if you can limit the consumption of Easter treats to mealtimes it will be much better than eating one piece of egg, then another in an hour, and so on, prolonging the tooth exposure to sugars and acids.

2. Avoid Purchasing Fondants And Sweeties

If you can, buy eggs and other Easter treats that do not have any toffees, fondants or other sticky elements in them. Those kinds of treats stick to the teeth, prolonging the acid and sugar attack on the teeth.

3. Make Easter About More Than Just The Eggs

Easter is very exciting because of the chocolate, but there is so much more to be excited about. That means there is a lot for your children to look forward to that doesn’t involve Easter eggs, which can mean a healthier focus. So days out, Easter egg hunts which involve non-chocolate prizes, Easter bonnet competitions and other non-food based events will be a really good distraction from the focus on how many eggs they get on the big day.

4. Limit The Sugary Free-For-All To One Day

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Robot Dentists

Maidstone dental surgery

Could they become reality?

An article featured in The Independent recently reported on an entire dental procedure completed by robots in China.

3D teeth were printed and then fully implanted by robots in a successful procedure designed by Beihang University, although dentists were present to supervise throughout.

The robots operated using pre-programmed movements but were able to still adjust if the woman being operated on moved.

The technology is being designed for several reasons. Primarily the focus is to wipe out the room for human error, which can happen even with the most qualified dentists. In China, precision dentistry is even more valuable as there are a lot of underqualified (or completely unqualified) people providing services to patients that they really shouldn’t be, so the errors are a lot more prevalent. Additionally, there is a real shortage of dentists and dental services in China overall, so technology to fill that gap would be invaluable.

So, could robot dentists soon be a reality in the UK?

Realistically in this lifetime? Probably not. The technology is extremely new and there are plenty of roadblocks ahead including the cost of the products, and finding a place for them in a society that largely appreciates the human dentistry currently available. In other countries where human dentists are lacking the gap is much larger, but in the UK, we have phenomenal dentistry available both privately and on the NHS so, there isn’t so much a call for that kind of service at this time.

That doesn’t mean that technology doesn’t have a place within modern dentistry in the UK though…

3D Printing, Dental Technology And Dentistry

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Spring Clean Your Oral Health Regime!

White teeth smiling lady

Kent Smile Studio says take time to invest in your personal oral care!

If you’re anything like most people in the UK, you have already started cleaning your house for spring, which seems to have sprung rather suddenly!

Getting rid of cobwebs, clearing the dead leaves away, dusting off the garden furniture, washing the walls; some love it, some hate it, but most of us agree it has to be done in preparation for the warmer months.

Spring can also be a really great time to refresh and renew other areas of your life. Perhaps you know you can do better with exercise, or you could work harder at work? Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep, so your bedtime routine needs to change?

Why not make positive changes in all aspects of life before we hit that quarter of the year mark? With that positive and responsible attitude of rejuvenation, your team here at Kent Smile Studio wants to help you spring clean your oral health regime, so that even if you don’t get your home sparkling clean in time for spring, you can at the very least have a healthy, stunning smile this month, and every month this year and beyond.

Let’s go – here are our top tips to help you spring clean your oral health regime:

Could Your Oral Regime Be Better?

Although an oral health regime boils down to a couple of minutes, a couple of times a day, there is actually a lot to the process. For example; are you brushing for the whole two minutes? Are you brushing twice a day? Are you brushing all areas of your teeth effectively? Are you ensuring you only spit after brushing and don’t rinse away all the toothpaste? Taking the time to mindfully brush your teeth, ensuring you spend at least 30 seconds on each side of each arch, twice a day, will ensure you are actively doing your very best to maintain your healthy smile.

Do Your Tools Need Changing?

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Newly Engaged?

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It’s time to start thing about your wedding day smile….

Here at Kent Smile Studio in Maidstone and Chatham, we love a happy occasion and what could be happier than an engagement? The person you love the most in the world asking to officially tie the knot, signifying an exciting future together, it’s just so romantic. So if you are newly engaged, congratulations from all of us at your local dentist, you’ve an exciting year ahead!

From arranging to go dress shopping, to booking the venue, there is so much to plan once the initial celebrations are over. To add to the pressure, a lot of things need to be booked well in advance to ensure that the businesses or companies you want to use don’t get booked up on your chosen date. One often overlooked aspect of wedding planning that is often left too late is dentistry.

You might not initially associate dentistry with a wedding, but actually, dentistry can play a huge part in this kind of special occasion. What is the first and central thing you notice when you look at wedding photographs? Sure you notice the style of dress and the background, but usually the standout feature of the photo is the smiles of the people in them. You notice how happy people are, and you notice if they have a lovely smile.

Is your smile exactly how you would want it to be on your big day? Are you as confident about your smile as you would like to feel during this momentous occasion? Start planning out your wedding smile now and you can guarantee that it will be a leading feature in your look on the big day.

It All Starts With A Consultation

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A Beautiful Smile For Valentines Day

Dr Shushil Dattani - Kent Smile Studio

Your Kent Smile Studio Dentist’s Guide

Valentines Day isn’t always exciting if you don’t have a date lined up. If you are planning on getting involved in the romance though, there’s quite a lot of pressure to look nice. You want to put your best foot forward, or perhaps, your best smile forward…

Your smile has a huge impact on how confident you feel, on how youthful you look and potentially affects your dating life more than you might realise.

For a beautiful smile this Valentines Day, take a look at your Chatham and Maidstone dentists guide. Trust us, you’ll want to read these tips!

Your Smile And Your Confidence

Did you know that your smile has a huge effect on how you look to others and how you feel about yourself? At the very least, even if you have a great smile already, celebrity ‘perfect smiles’ can make us feel pressured to have a perfect smile too. This can be a real confidence killer if you start comparing your teeth and worrying that your smile isn’t as you would like it to be.

The way your smile looks can be a true struggle if you do have imperfections which cause it to be less aesthetically pleasing than you’d like. Common smile issues include:

  • Stained teeth
  • Gappy teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Gummy smiles
  • Chipped teeth

These issues may come alone or combine to create a smile that does not look how you want it to. That lack of confidence can be truly destructive when it comes to dating. You may cover your mouth when you smile or talk, in which case asking anybody out might seem like an absolute no-no. You may worry you will be judged on your smile by a potential date.

Of course, being superficial is not a very nice trait and if anybody judges you on looks alone then they probably aren’t somebody you’ll want to date anyway. However, there is something to be said for first impressions. Whether we like it or not, we all make them and the smile is often central to what we think of a person when we first meet them. A smile can make you appear more youthful, confident, friendly and can be more important to a potential date than you having nice eyes or, a good dress sense.

So, when it comes to first impressions it makes sense that you would want a nice smile to express yourself and to show yourself in your most attractive light. They don’t know you have a great personality yet, right?

Bad Breath Can Be A Real Confidence Killer Too

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