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20 Reasons Why You May Need To Go To The Dentist!


Any of the following warrant a visit or enquiry with Kent Smile Studio

Going to the dentist is not something most people would say they particularly enjoy, but rather, it forms part of a healthy lifestyle and is a necessary thing to do. Visiting our friendly and professional local dentists is something we take care to be as convenient, efficient and nice of an experience as possible for all our patients.

However, we are sensible enough to know that it isn’t top of the list for most people!

There is nothing wrong with visiting the dentist only when you need to, but a grey area comes when trying to recognise when you do need to visit us. Often many patients might not recognise an early sign that they should be in touch with us. With many oral problems, the earlier you get a diagnosis and treatment, the less pain, inconvenience and money is involved in correcting the issue. So, even though nobody really wants to go to the dentist regularly, it is a good idea to recognise signs that you need to go, so that we can help you quickly and efficiently.

Here are 20 reasons you may need to go to the dentist:

You’re due a checkup

If you are due a checkup then you should call our friendly team and get your appointment booked in. Routine checkups are so important when it comes to your oral health, and we can prevent diagnose and treat a lot of issues in these short 6 monthly appointments.

You’re thinking of becoming pregnant

If you want to become pregnant, it is a good idea to visit your dentist to have any X-rays or specific dental work done before you are actively pregnant. We can also then advise you on what to expect with your oral health pregnancy needs.

You’re on new medication

If you have started new medication it may be that it affects your oral health. It could stain the teeth, cause dry mouth, or cause other oral health risks. So if you’re on the medication long-term, it is worth speaking to us about it to check if we need to provide additional oral health support.

You are starting a new extreme diet

If you have spoken to your GP already and you plan to become a raw vegan, to try keto, or maybe one of the more extreme diets with meal replacements, please do speak to us about your plans. We can offer additional support and advice to ensure your oral health is not adversely affected by your new diet.

You want to improve your smile

If you have decided to finally look into getting the smile you have always dreamed of, book a consultation as soon as possible. Certain treatments and plans take a long time, so it makes sense to start your transformation process as soon as possible.

You have a special occasion on the horizon

If you have a wedding in the works, or perhaps an important holiday or party, it is important to speak to us as soon as possible about how we can help improve your smile for the big day. Some treatments you may only need a few weeks before, but some take longer to complete so, an early consultation is key.

You have a new medical diagnosis

We don’t need to know about an ingrowing toe nail, but any new diagnosis such as cancer or diabetes can affect your oral health so it is a good idea to let us know.

You have sustained a dental injury

If you have sustained a dental injury, see us as soon as possible. Dental restoration is easiest soon after an injury has been sustained.

You have bad breath

If you have issues with bad breath it might be because of oral health issues. We can check for the cause of your bad breath and help you get on top of the problem.

You have signs of gum disease

Gums bleeding when you brush? Are they sore or receding? Gum disease is treatable and in some cases, reversible as long as it is caught early. See a dentist as soon as you notice any signs and symptoms of gum disease.

You think you need a filling

If you have noticed the inside of a tooth is rough and looks brown or black, it may be that you need a filling. The sooner we can apply a filling the more chance there is to save the tooth.

You have signs of infection

If you have heat around your jaw or cheek, toothache and are feeling generally unwell, you may have a dental infection. Some infections can lead to painful abscesses in the mouth, others can be inside the tooth and eventually kill the nerves and lead to tooth loss. Any signs of dental infection need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Your teeth have changed colour

Yellowing and dental staining are signs of ageing and lifestyle and are generally cosmetic. However a tooth that has gone grey might be dying, so it is important your dentist checks the tooth health underneath the gum using an X-ray.

Your baby has a first tooth

As soon as your baby has their first tooth we can perform their first dental examination. We also suggest bringing your baby in before their first examination to get them used to the dental environment.

You are starting a new contact sport

Rugby and other contact sports are great for your health but can be dangerous for your teeth and gums. To help prevent injury to the teeth and gums, a custom mouthguard from your Kent Smile Studio dentist is a good idea.

Your child has signs they require orthodontics (braces)

Your child should have checkups with us regularly but it may be that between check ups you have noticed they may require orthodontics. The sooner braces can be applied, the sooner they can eventually be removed so, please make them an appointment with us as soon as possible if you think they require braces.

You have moved to a new area

If you have recently moved within the Chatham or Maidstone areas, we invite you to register with us. This includes coming in for an introductory checkup just to check everything is as it should be.

You are struggling with oral hygiene

If you are finding your oral health regime is not working for you, don’t delay your visit to us until your next appointment. Plaque and dental bacteria can cause all kinds of issues quickly so the sooner we can help you adjust your regime to suit your needs.

You want facial rejuvenation

Our dentists also offers facial rejuvenation treatments such as Botox and fillers. Some treatments can be completed during the consultation so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for a natural and skilled rejuvenation treatment within your local area.

You’re concerned about your oral health

If you have any concerns at all about your oral health, don’t wait until your next checkup. Get some peace of mind and speak to your dentist about your concerns. We are here to help you achieve optimum oral health.

We understand not everybody wants to visit the dentist, but if you do need to visit the dentist, it is important to book that appointment and take care of your oral health needs.

If you would like to book an appointment with us, please get in touch with our friendly teams on 01634 683123 (Chatham) or 01622 754662 (Maidstone) . We can book an appointment at a time to suit you and provide you with any information you might require.

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