White Fillings

Fillings are one of the most common dental treatments carried out by dentists. Here at Kent Smile Studio we pride ourselves on providing a friendly, relaxed and professional environment so that patients can come in for this routine procedure and feel as comfortable as possible.

When you have a consultation with one of our friendly, experienced dentists they will explain all the possible options for filling your tooth. Those options will relate to both the practical and aesthetic sides of dentistry.

We currently offer two main types of filling at our Maidstone & Chatham clinics:

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are metal fillings made from a combination of different metals including mercury, tin, silver and copper. This combination of metals offers a high amount of strength, but does have a few disadvantages. The filling material can on occasion leak and the filling itself can expand. This can cause damage to the tooth, requiring further restoration treatment.

As advances in dentistry continue, it is now becoming much more common for composite fillings (white fillings) to be used in place of amalgam fillings. This is because the safety of mercury in amalgam fillings is still being debated, and because composite fillings provide a much healthier and more aesthetically pleasing option.

White Fillings (composite fillings)

White fillings are made from synthetic resins and are a more aesthetically pleasing, healthy alternative to amalgam fillings. White fillings can be designed to match the shade, texture and translucency of your current teeth which means they blend in really well with the surrounding teeth.

White Fillings - The Pro's & Con's

White fillings offer aesthetic flexibility, offer a practical solution to filling gaps in teeth and a visual solution to reshaping teeth.

Tooth Friendly - As white fillings are bonded to the teeth directly, no drilling is necessary in order to fix them to the tooth properly. This makes them much easier to put in, and makes them much more tooth friendly.

Natural Looking - They can also be made to match the tooth they are fillings, which means they provide a really natural look.

Safer & Stronger - Amalgam fillings can leak or expand whereas white fillings do not, which makes them a stronger and safer filling option.

It may be the case certain patients require a dental crown or inlay rather than a white filling. This might be because the hole in the tooth is too big, or the tooth requires a more extensive restorative approach.

Our Walderslade dentist will discuss all of your options with you to ensure you are as informed as possible about the different types of fillings.

Getting A White Filling

Before the filling is put in, we will carefully remove any plaque from the surface of the tooth. The tooth will then be carefully dried and a special gel is applied to ensure the filling bonds with the tooth properly.

After a shade of composite is selected, your dentist will then shape it and apply it to the prepared tooth. This is done with complete precision to ensure the results look and feel completely natural.

Once complete, a special light is used on the white filling which hardens it and fixes it to the tooth. The filling and tooth are then polished to make sure they look and feel great.

Tooth Repair & Restoration With White Fillings

The resin used to make white tooth fillings is very easy to work with, which means as well as being used for fillings, it can also be used to reshape teeth. This has proven to be very effective at restoring small chips and breakages, however it is less suitable for larger gaps.

Get White Fillings At Kent Smile Studio based in Maidstone & Chatham

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your amalgam fillings, interested in improving the appearance of your current fillings, or are worried about the mercury used in your fillings, please give our friendly clinic a call on Maidstone: 01622 754662 or Chatham: 01634 683123 and one of our reception staff will be more than happy to arrange an appointment for you.


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