Sedation Dentistry - Dentistry Services In Maidstone & Chatham For Patients With Dental Anxiety

At Kent Smile Studio, we pride ourselves on our accommodating approach to dentistry, enabling patients to experience a friendly and professional atmosphere when visiting our clinic.

However, we also understand that some patients visiting us may suffer from anxiety in relation to visiting the dentist. This is actually quite common and can be traumatic for the person suffering, but many of our patients are reassured and comfortable enough when visiting us to find their anxiety diminishes. Some patients suffering with anxiety may be suitably comfortable to have minor examinations and procedures completed without any additional help being needed. However, in cases where the procedure may be invasive and therefore cause more anxiety than usual, we offer an IV (intravenous) sedation service.

The IV Sedation Process

Patients who are anxious or who wish to have a more relaxed dental experience during an invasive treatment can choose to have IV sedation at Kent Smile Studio. This is performed by a specialist anaesthetist who will place a small needle in the back of the hand and administer a mild sedative through the bloodstream, immediately making the patient feel more comfortable and relaxed.

How Does IV Sedation Feel?

IV sedation administered during dentistry is often referred to as ‘sleep dentistry’ which is inaccurate. The patient is fully conscious during the procedure and although they may feel completely relaxed, they do not sleep. It is important to note that you will remain fully conscious so that you understand you can communicate with us throughout the procedure. It may also be the case the procedure appears quicker than it actually was, because you are in such a relaxed state.

IV Sedation Alternatives

If you have a fear of needles, it may be the case than an IV sedation is not suitable for you. In this instance we would offer you oral or inhalation sedation.

Oral sedation is where the patient takes a tablet before the treatment begins. This does take a little longer to enter the bloodstream so may be administered a little while before the treatment begins. Inhalation sedation is where the patient inhales the sedative in the form of a gas, via a mask - the effects of this type of sedation are immediate.


To ensure our patients are always safe when having a sedative, we always advise our patients on safety practices before the procedure. This safety involves ensuring the patient has someone waiting for them after the procedure who can drive them home safely. Although the effects of sedation are not long lasting, they can still make you feel slightly disorientated for a little while after the procedure which means it is not safe to drive.

During your sedation highly trained professionals will monitor you continually and the sedative is only ever administered by an experienced, qualified anaesthetist.

If you have any questions or concerns these can be addressed before the treatment and sedation and during the treatment itself whilst you are under sedation. We pride ourselves in ensuring you are both safe and comfortable at all times in our clinic and will be more than happy to listen to any concerns you may have and offer you any necessary advice.

If you struggle with dental anxiety and feel an IV sedative might help you feel more comfortable during an invasive dental procedure, please call Kent Smile Studio on Maidstone: 01622 754662 or Chatham: 01634 683123. We will be more than happy to explain the treatment to you and how it can help you feel much better about your dental treatments.


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