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If you suffer from uneven or crooked teeth it may be the case you feel a loss of confidence because of your smile. As well as the aesthetic issues associated with crooked or uneven teeth, they can also present further dental issues if left uncorrected.

Crooked or uneven teeth can be corrected efficiently using dental braces (modern orthodontics). The most modern dental brace systems are suitable for patients of all ages, adults and children which means you can get straight, beautiful teeth at any age - it's never too late


Transaligner Clear Braces

Trans Aligner

Transaligner clear braces are completely different from the majority of other braces available because they do not use wires or braces in order to straighten the teeth. Transaligner uses invisible mouth trays which are created using detailed scans and impressions of the mouth, so each set of trays is completely unique to the patient. These trays fit accurately over the teeth and are worn for around 22 hours each day for a few weeks.

Whilst they are in position they gently push the teeth little by little into their correct position. After these few weeks a new tray needs to be created as the teeth will be in a different position to when you first started using the trays. This sequence continues repeatedly until the teeth are in their correct position.

Transaligner clear braces are very discreet and barely noticeable when they are in. They are also extremely comfortable and easy to take out when you need to clean your teeth.

Clear braces


Cfast Braces

Cfast (cosmetically focused adult straight teeth) provide a gentle method of straightening teeth. Cfast orthodontics uses wires and brackets to perform teeth straightening, however the materials used are extremely fine and tooth coloured which makes the braces extremely discreet. Although Cfast are not quite as discreet as Transaligners, they do straighten the teeth in less time and tend to bring the teeth into their correct position in around six months depending on the individual.

Standard Braces

Standard braces are the most recognisable braces and are highly effective. The main drawback for those using standard braces is the fact they are so visible, however they are a much more affordable option for some patients.

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