Latest dentures available in Maidstone & Chatham

Everyone is different and consequently their needs will vary when it comes to the best type of denture for them. Here is a quick overview of the types of denture available from Kent Smile Studio:

Partial dentures.

A partial denture is used when teeth have been lost due to extraction or accident. They are supported by the other teeth and soft tissues and consequently must be fitted accurately to function correctly.

Partial dentures 

Complete dentures

This type of denture is used when all the teeth have been lost, the upper, lower or both arches. They can be used together with partial dentures where appropriate.

Complete dentures

Implant retained dentures

Dental implants can now be used to firmly anchor full and partial dentures to help prevent the slippage and insecurity normally associated with conventional dentures. The denture can still be removed for cleaning.

Once placed and firmly integrated with the patient's jawbone, the implants are adapted to anchor the overlying denture firmly in place.

Implant retained dentures

Immediate dentures

When a patient has teeth removed and does not wish to wait for the healing process to complete before dentures are fitted, an immediate denture can be used.

The main advantage is that the denture can be made before treatment begins and then placed immediately once the teeth have been extracted. Thus there is no period where the patient is left with unsightly gaps. Experience also suggests that healing is improved and bone loss is reduced if the denture is well made.

To ensure success, it is vital that the correct material is used to meet the patients requirements as no single material fits all cases unfortunately. Consequently we will carry out a very thorough assessment of your needs before we proceed. Here are some of the main materials we use to manufacture dentures:

Polymethyl Methacrylate or acrylic resin.

This is very common and very good for helping to re-establish a natural looking smile. Whichever denture you choose, there is a good chance that the teeth will be made from acrylic.

Flexible resin.

Where circumstances dictate that the denture flexes a little to fit naturally around other tooth structures, a flexible denture may be used. However, a very thorough assessment is needed before prescribing this type of system.

Cobalt chromium.

This light and strong alloy is fully bio-compatible and excellent for manufacturing dentures. Metal is used for the framework and acrylic used in the normal fashion for the replacement teeth.

The metal base can also be constructed to fit around adjacent healthy teeth to help spread the load of chewing evenly across the denture and so prevent any damage to the soft tissues of the mouth.

Cobalt chromium denture

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