12 Point Dental Health Check

12 Point Health Check

A Simple 12 Point Check To Assess The Health Of Your Entire Mouth

Here at Kent Smile Studio, we like to be thorough. We know that oral hygiene isn't just about your teeth, it's about all the different areas of your mouth.

By checking that your oral health as a whole is in great condition, we can lower your risk of any potential future problems and ensure any need for treatments is minimised. By completing this efficient and thorough 12 check assessment we ensure that you can truly smile about your oral health.

Oral Cancer Check

As standard, we always provide an oral cancer check when we check your oral health.

12 Point Check

As well as providing an oral cancer check as standard, we also check the following:

  1. Checking In With You - Our friendly dentists will start by asking you how healthy you feel your mouth is and if you have had any oral health issues
  2. Addressing Your Concerns - If you do have any worries or problems, your friendly Kent Smile Studio dentist will actively discuss those problems with you
  3. Checking In With Your Overall Health  - We will then ask you about your health in general, checking if any medication or health issues are having an impact on your oral health
  4. How Do You Feel About Your Smile? - We ask you about your thoughts, feelings and opinion in relation to your smile. How do you feel you would like your smile to improve?
  5. Tooth Decay Check - We will then examine your teeth looking for tooth decay, damage and any other potential issues
  6. Previous Dental Work Check - Fillings and other previous dental work will be checked over to ensure it is OK and still working as it should be
  7. Gum Check - Your gums will be checked to ensure they are healthy. We ensure we check this thoroughly as gum disease is the main cause of tooth loss in the UK
  8. Plaque Management - If we identify any plaque on your teeth, we will discuss how you can actively manage this problem
  9. Soft Tissue Check - We will then check all of the soft tissues in your mouth like your tongue and cheeks
  10. External Mouth Check - The outside of your mouth is checked
  11. Hard To Reach Areas Check - To ensure we maintain our thorough approach to your oral health, we check the areas immediately surrounding the teeth, including the areas in-between and underneath. We know lots of potential problems can lie hidden in these hard to view areas.
  12. Jawbone Check - Your jawbone will be assessed as it plays a big part in oral health, holding your teeth firmly in position.

After Your 12 Point Examination

Book Your 12 Point Health Check With Kent Smile Studio in Maidstone & Chatham

If you're interested in having one of our extensive 12 point private dental health checks to keep your mouth and smile in tip top condition, please give us a call on 01634 683123 for a friendly chat - one of our reception team will be more than happy to help you. Alternatively use our quick and easy contact form and one of our receptionists will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please Note

Low dosage radiographs are used during our 12 point health check. Using these enables us to complete a thorough and efficient oral health assessment, checking all of the areas listed above. We take these radiographs every 1 to 2 years depending on the patient's needs.


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