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Kent Smile Studio Can Replace Your Damaged Or Missing Tooth In Just One Day

If you sustain an injury causing you to lose a tooth, either immediately or by damaging one so badly it needs to be removed, Kent Smile Studio can replace the tooth for you in a single day.

Partial dentures are a possible solution for this problem, however, our clinic takes pride in offering the most modern, advanced dentistry available, which means we can offer an even stronger, longer lasting alternative. ‘Tooth Now’ is a dental implant procedure than can be completed in a day, offering you quick and convenient tooth replacement designed to last you a very long time.

What Does Tooth Now Involve?

Tooth now

When you come into our clinic for your Tooth Now treatment we will provide you with a detailed consultation in order to determine the best approach to your tooth replacement. You will be examined by an implant dentist who may also need to take X-rays and a CT scan to get a more detailed look at your tooth, jawbone and surrounding areas.

If you lose or break a tooth and some of the tooth fragments are still in the socket, we will extract the remaining tooth fragments to enable us to prepare the area for a replacement.

Once this has been done we can then place a dental implant in the socket where it will fuse with the surrounding jawbone following the procedure. Whilst this healing process occurs a temporary tooth will be attached to the implant.

Once the bone and implant have fused together we will produce a crown or replacement tooth to match the surrounding natural teeth. This will replace the temporary tooth attached during the initial procedure.

Safety & Suitability

Here at Kent Smile Studio, Walderslade we like to be completely transparent about all aspects of our services. Please note that Tooth Now may not be suitable for your individual needs, however this can only be determined with a thorough assessment and examination. If it is determined you are not suitable for this procedure, we will be able to offer you suitable alternatives.

Get Same Day Tooth Replacement With Kent Smile Studio

If you have lost a tooth or damaged a tooth beyond repair and want same day tooth replacement, please give our Walderslade clinic a call on Maidstone: 01622 754662 or Chatham: 01634 683123 and one of our staff will be more than happy to advise you.


MAIDSTONE: 01622 754662

CHATHAM: 01634 683123


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