Pre and Post Treatment

For some patients, deciding whether or not to have dental implants is a huge decision and it isn't unusual to feel apprehensive about the treatment.

Here at Kent Smile Studio we are proud of our high levels of safety and patient care and would like to reassure you that you are in safe hands with our experienced and dedicated implant teams. At every stage of the process we will provide you with transparent explanations about all aspects of the treatment, and we will always be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Patient safety and comfort is our top priority.

Before Your Implant Placement

A lot of the success of your dental implant placement will be down to the refined skills and experience of your dentist, however there are some things you can do to help ensure the procedure is successful.

You will be asked to avoid heavy drinking or smoking for a set period of time before the procedure. This is so that your jawbone and gums are as healthy as possible when you have the procedure done and contributes to a successful procedure and helps you avoid infection afterwards.

Implants are successfully placed for the vast majority of patients, however, patients who are more attentive in relation to their health do report a shorter healing period. Seeing these results, we also recommend patients enjoy some light exercise leading up to the procedure to promote blood flow and quick healing following the procedure. Other than these simple changes, you don't need to do anything else in relation to your procedure at all. You can eat on the day as the anaesthetic is local and any prescribed medication can still be taken as normal. Any medical issues with the potential to affect the procedure will be discussed during your initial consultation.

After Your Implant Placement

After you have had your dental implants placed, you may experience slight discomfort where the procedure has been performed. This is normal and can be effectively managed using over the counter pain killers. If you do experience any extreme pain, or long lasting pain (more than a few days) you should contact us at Kent Smile Studio on Maidstone: 01622 754662 or Chatham: 01634 683123 as soon as possible so that we can check this for you. It is important you take care when eating after the procedure, following a soft food diet for a while to make eating as comfortable as possible.

Harder foods can be gradually added to the diet and after the crown has been placed you can eat completely normally as your new tooth and implant are just as strong as your natural teeth, if not stronger. We will provide you with a detailed, personalised aftercare plan following your treatment so you know how best to care for your mouth and implant. We are always available to give you help and advice should you need it.


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