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The Latest Dental Equipment At Our Maidstone & Chatham Dentists

Kent Smile Studio is a leader in modern dentistry and we take pride in always being completely up to date with modern dental innovations. We do this to ensure our clients receive the best possible services from us. An example of this is our in-house Sirona XG3D scanner, used to perform precise diagnosis via accurate dental imaging for even the most complex of dental issues.

Sirona XG3D Scanner

We took the time to thoroughly research modern scanners on the market before deciding which one was the best available for our practice. This research helped us discover than the Sirona XG3D is one of the most modern and accurate CT scanner available on today's market. It generates images in just over 10 seconds enabling us to diagnose a dental issue extremely quickly. This cuts down the entire treatment time drastically and also helps ensure that the treatment offered is the best possible for the individual patient. The scanner produces extremely high resolution images and the machine itself is much more advanced than a normal x-ray machine. This means issues can be discovered and diagnosed much earlier than they would have been traditionally, so any treatment is either preventative or much less invasive than would be needed if the issue was discovered at a later stage.

The Benefits Of The Sirona XG3D Scanner

Using the Sirona XG3D scanner means both the patient and the dentists benefit.

Just some of the benefits of the scanner are;

  • Speed - Extremely quick results which take between 10 and 15 seconds to obtain. These high quality images enable our experienced dentists to efficiently detect and diagnose issues early and accurately. Once the early diagnosis has been obtained a personalised treatment plan can be recommended.
  • Safety - The scanner produces a high resolution image at a much lower level of radiation than other scanners. This offers extra safety to our patients who may be vulnerable to large doses of radiation.
  • Communication - Because the images produced by the scanner are so detailed, the dentist can easily point out the issue to the patient so they can have a clearer understanding of why treatment is needed.
  • Anxiety Reduction - With dental visits comes dental anxiety; commonly experienced by patients with a fear of the unknown. By ensuring our diagnosis is transparent and clearly explained using the 3D images produced by the scanner, the patient can feel fully informed and reassured as to why a certain dental treatment may be necessary.
  • Accuracy - The images produced by the scanner are so clear and precise, dentists are able to diagnose issues with precision and accuracy.
  • Early Diagnosis - As any dental issues can be discovered by the scanner at an early stage, there is an overall reduction in the need for invasive treatments which might well be needed if the issue had been discovered at a more developed stage.
  • Dental Implant Accuracy - By using the Sirona XG3D to accurately examine the area needing dental implants, we can help to ensure their successful and precise placement.

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