All-on-4 Dental Implants

A Brand New Set Of Teeth In Just One Session at Kent Smile Studio in Maidstone & Chatham

 All on 4

At Kent Smile Studio we always aim to be at the forefront of the dental industry, ensuring we are completely up to date with the latest innovations in dental care. Because of our dedication to bringing you, our patients, the latest procedures, we are able to provide a new set of teeth in just one appointment! This revolutionary procedure - All on 4 - is a dental implant system which has been designed to provide efficient teeth replacement and smile enhancement in just one single visit to our dental practice.

Standard techniques tend to rely on dentures as a main form of tooth replacement; however, this incredible technology means patients don't just have to opt for this one choice. Even the most modern dentures can be badly fitted and uncomfortable, so it makes sense for other forms of tooth replacement to be considered.

All on 4 means you don't have to opt for dentures, and can instead enjoy strong, secure replacement teeth that enable you to laugh, smile, eat and drink with complete confidence.

The Process

All on 4 is also known as 'Teeth in a Day' because it produces immediate, same-day results. When you come in for All on 4 you will have a complete, detailed assessment to ensure the results are as precise and accurate as possible.

When the assessment has been done, we will strategically place a set of 4 dental implants on the upper or lower jaw depending on your individual requirements. The dental implants are designed to achieve maximum strength and stability. So rather than all four being standard, only the two at the front are placed in the usual way whilst the back ones are placed at an angle suited to the patients jaw structure. Once implanted, the implants can immediately secure a fixed bridge or dentures. With a standard implant procedure, several months need to pass afterwards before the replacement teeth can be fitted. But by using ‘All on 4’ they can be fitted immediately; so you really can get new Teeth in a Day!

Key Advantages Of All On 4

There are many different advantages to All on 4, a safe and effective teeth replacement treatment.

Just some of the benefits are;

  • Faster than other methods of teeth replacement
  • More cost effective than other methods of teeth replacement
  • A new set of teeth in just one day
  • Immediately improved levels of confidence

Get A New Set Of Teeth In A Day With All On 4 - Available Now At Kent Smile Studio in Maidstone & Chatham

If you're interested in our amazing All On 4 treatment we will be more than happy to help you. When you come in for a consultation our expert Kent Smile Studio team will examine your oral health and explain the options available to you based on your individual needs. During this time we will also discuss the payment options available to you at our clinic. This enables you to spread the cost of the treatment via a convenient finance plan.

For more information on All on 4, please give our local dental practices a call and we will be pleased to book you an appointment.



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