National Ice Cream Month And Other Summer Challenges For Your Smile

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July is National ice cream month which is great news for those of you who adore this frozen treat any which way, but especially when the sun comes out and finally decides to show itself.

The third Sunday in July is traditionally ice cream day, and the rest of the month is dedicated to all things cold and creamy, thanks to American Ronald Reagan proclaiming it so in 1984! Of course, your Chatham and Maidstone dental teams love an ice cream like everybody else; however, in abundance and especially combined with other summer treats, ice cream can be bad for your oral health.

But there is a way to maintain balance without having to miss out on hot summer’s day food and drink. For that reason we want to give you plenty of information on how to enjoy summer and all the delicious treats it has to offer, whilst maintaining a great smile too.

But First, Some Fun Information About National Ice Cream Month!

National Ice Cream month was started in America following a resolution that was proclaimed by Ronald Reagan on July 9th 1984. The idea was only meant to relate to July in that year but America continued the tradition year on year afterwards and it spread to the rest of the world, including the UK. We’re not sure about celebrating the whole month with ice cream everyday, but for National Ice Cream Day on the third Sunday of the month, why not try any of these ice cream related activities:

  • Try making your own ice cream! Grab a recipe online and try something new!
  • Get to your favourite local ice cream parlour and treat yourself
  • Have a ‘build your own sundae’ party with friends and family
  • Get your pets involved and make pet friendly ice cream for them
  • Buy your favourite tub of ice cream and take the time to enjoy it at home
  • Enjoy ice cream in your favourite spot. Weather pending, why not catch a view to enjoy whilst you devour your favourite frozen treat

National Ice Cream Day is there to be enjoyed. Have some fun with it, and enjoy it with friends and family for a great excuse for memory making.

Ice Cream, Summer And Your Teeth

One day featuring ice cream is not going to cause havoc for your teeth. However, a whole month of it, or at least, regular consumption over summer, might cause you some issues. Ice cream is typically very high in sugar and the nasty bacteria in your mouth love to feast on sugar and then omit acid which can cause problems for your teeth. If you are going to have some ice cream, try consuming it at mealtimes only which will limit the negative effects of the sugar. You may also want to follow it with water and some sugar free gum. The water will wash away as much as possible and the gum will help stimulate saliva which helps to neutralise nasty bacteria.

Ice cream isn’t the only potential hazard for your teeth over summer either. Barbecues and picnics can be a real challenge because there is so much on offer that causes issues for oral health. Sugary drinks, starchy carbs like sausage rolls and rolls, and of course cakes and desserts galore. Ideally, for optimum dental health, you could limit your consumption of these summer foods to mealtimes, and to ‘every now and then’. This will help to limit damage to your teeth as much as possible, especially with a healthy diet the rest of the time. Opting for salads, healthy dips, fruit and sugar-free drinks (if water is not available) will help in keeping your smile as healthy as possible over summer, and during the rest of the year too.

Do Your Teeth Hurt When You Eat Ice Cream?

One little realised benefit of ice cream is its ability to show up issues with dental sensitivity. As it is so cold, any tooth sensitivity will show up with sharp pain to the affected teeth when you consume the frozen treat. For some, tooth sensitivity is a momentary pain, for others, it can be present all the time and be quite uncomfortable to live with.

Dental sensitivity is not something that you have to put up with. Your dentist can check that the sensitivity is not related to any pressing issues that need treatment. If it is, a quick diagnosis and treatment plan is key. If the sensitivity is present but your teeth and gums are healthy, your dentist can suggest new habits, products and treatments to help your teeth feel more comfortable.

Visit Your Kent Smile Studio Dentist For Continued Support With Your Oral Health

It is possible to enjoy ice cream during National Ice Cream Month as well as common summer treats without hurting your teeth, as long as you maintain a balanced approach. Every now and then consumption of drinks and foods bad for your teeth won’t hurt them as long as everyday brushing, eating, drinking and lifestyle habits are as healthy and regular as possible.

One of the best things you can do for your oral health is to maintain excellent daily oral care. Brush for two minutes, twice a day with the right toothbrush and toothpaste. This may sound basic but it really does help to maintain good oral health over time. In addition, we recommend you continue to check-in with your dentist regularly. Every 6 months you should attend a checkup to check your teeth, gums and soft oral tissues. Any issues will be spotted really quickly which helps with quick treatment and the avoidance of any painful progression.

If you have any dental sensitivity when eating ice cream, or any other new tooth pain or sensitivity, please don’t wait for your checkup and instead call our clinic to make an appointment as soon as possible. Call our friendly reception team on 01634 683123 (Chatham) or 01622 754662 (Maidstone) for more information about the services we offer and to book an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you!