The Essential Summer Oral Care Guide

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Courtesy of your Kent Smile Studio dentist in Maidstone!

Summer is finally here, and the weather forecast for mid and late summer so far looks to be pretty great.

Realistically though, you can’t rely on the weather in the UK, and most Brits know all too well to have a backup plan for any pre-planned outdoor activity.

What your Maidstone dentist does know for sure is that Summer can be a really challenging time for your oral health. The change in routine, the garden party buffet foods, the barbecues, the summer cocktails, the summer sports – your smile can have a lot to contend with during these longer, warmer months!

For that reason, we wanted to help you with some oral self care tips to keep your summer selfie in great shape. And because we love our patients so much, we also wanted to share some general summer self care tips with you too.

So please read on for essential summer self care tips to help you stay happy and healthy in the coming (hopefully hot) months:

Enjoy A Drink, But Keep It Sensible

Nobody likes the word sensible, especially when it comes to lovely cocktail parties and late picnics in the park. However, most of us also hate a nasty headache and groggy head the day after a few drinks too many. To boot, your teeth also suffer when you consume acidic, sugary alcoholic drinks, especially when you do it regularly.

To approach drinking alcohol more sensibly, try and minimise it to government drinking guidelines which is usually one or two drinks on any given day. For the sake of healthy teeth, try and avoid fruity ciders, full sugar cola and spirits and fruit juice based cocktails. Do also try and maintain your oral health regime even when you’re getting home late and perhaps having the odd bank holiday lie-in.

Keep Up With Sun Cream Application

Ideally, you will use sun cream every single day because there are always rays from the sun that are ageing and potentially harming your skin. At the very least you should be applying sunscreen before going out in summer, especially on a particularly sunny day. Try to keep sun cream in the car, by the front door and generally available as an easy and convenient reminder to pop some on before heading outside. You can find out more information about sun safety on the NHS sunscreen and sun safety page.

Get Active

Being active is excellent for your mind and your body. It is known to create serotonin in the brain which is a ‘happy’ hormone. You also build strength, you boost heart health and become more flexible (depending on the activity you do). One major excuse for not being active is bad weather, which means that summer is a really great season to get started with a new sport or active hobby. Could you join a running club? Start walking 10,000 steps a day? How about some yoga in the park? Your body and mind will love you for this healthy step forward. If you do start a contact sport such as rugby, do consider speaking to your handy Maidstone dentist about a custom mouthguard to help protect your teeth and gums effectively.

Enjoy The Healthier Side Of Summer Food

Summer food does of course involve barbecues, buffets and picnics galore. The problem is that, too much of the good stuff can impact your waistline and your oral health. Lots of bread and fatty meat, high sugar desserts and pastries can be really bad news for your health, and won’t leave you feeling energetic and able to make the most of summer. The odd treat is of course, a part of balance but, most of the time it is a great idea to enjoy fresh, wholefoods that are abundant in summer. Asparagus, apricots, beetroot, cherries and courgettes are just some of the fruit and veggies that are in season in summer. Eating an abundance of fruit and veggies as part of a balanced diet will help boost your health, keeping tooth and overall health harming treats just as occasional treats. Even better, eating seasonally helps boost your environmental brownie points so you’re not only helping yourself, you’re helping the planet too! You can find out more about seasonality on the BBC Good Food Website.

Drink Water Regularly

When you are thirsty your body is already dehydrated. You should be drinking water regularly throughout the day to keep your hydration levels high. Water keeps your brain function going, it helps with mood, keeps your entire digestive system working well – really, there isn’t a part of your body that doesn’t somehow depend on water. When it comes to your oral health, hydration is extremely important because it aids saliva production. Saliva helps wash debris away that can stick to teeth, and it contains elements that help neutralise food acids and bacteria.

Maintain Routine

Summer is a wonderful time for impromptu parties, letting loose on holiday and generally running with what the weather is doing. Last minute plans are in abundance and it is important to embrace the mindfulness that comes with these warm, light months. In balance, do be mindful of important routines that you have in place. These should remain as part of a strong structure you have, that keeps your overall health and happiness going between more unplanned, in the moment activities.

For example, maintaining your oral health regime is important because it helps prevent painful, expensive and damaging problems that are preventable. Staying up late and going on holiday, generally letting loose, can disrupt your routine. If that happens for long enough, your oral health will suffer and you’ll potentially take dental issues into winter with you. You may also put aside doctors appointments or dental appointments, you might dismiss regular exercise classes or even good morning routines. Losing the strong disciplines needed to help keep your health and happiness in a good place, can be very hard to recover from. There’s no need to miss out on all the fun of summer, but do honour general structures, routine and maintenance you have in place for a well rounded approach to life in general.

Hopefully, our summer guide has helped you feel a little more ready to truly make the most of summer in a way that keeps your smile healthy and happy. If you do want further advice in regards to mouth guards, dental care or you simply want to book your checkup, please get in touch. You can reach our Maidstone dental team on 01622 754662 for more information or to make an appointment at a time to suit you.