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The First Step To The Career You Have Always Dreamed Of?

A career is something that you get from working really hard, from passion, from education, from experience and sheer determination. At this time of the year, it can be the focus for those looking to change their life for the better.

Those who may forgo their health resolutions or stopping bad habits in favour of their career goals in January are already a step further ahead than they were last year. That is because simply thinking about a career change is an amazing start to your professional journey. Here at Kent Smile Studio we applaud you for thinking about such a huge change in 2019!

We want to help you as much as we can in reaching your goals. Unfortunately we can’t land you an amazing interview or get you that incredible client winning suit, but we can help you with something else that is very important in your career journey, and that is your smile.

You may not have thought about your smile in relation to your career yet, but we promise after you have read the information we have to give you, you’ll be smiling about the fact that such a small thing could actually be a very big part of your success. Improving it could well be an excellent first step in your path to the career you have always dreamed of.

Your Smile And Your Appearance

Lets be clear, judging somebody on how they look is not something any of us should make an effort to do and what you look like certainly has nothing to do with how much respect or love you deserve.

However, as humans we naturally make first impressions very quickly based on what we see, which goes back to basic man and assessing our safety and also our compatibility with a mate. So rightly or wrongly, how somebody looks does have an impact on what you think of them. When it comes to your teeth, they are known to affect how young and how friendly you look. They are also rated highly on lists of attractive qualities that matter to people. Bad dental hygiene and missing teeth can give people the impression that you may not look after yourself all that well. In an interview situation, this could be the difference between you and your just as qualified colleague getting the job.

A beautiful smile is a really great feature to have when you go for interviews and meetings because it is a stunning feature that those you’re trying to impress notice.

Your Smile And Your Confidence

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Alcohol Awareness

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How Does Alcohol Really Affect Your Smile?

Alcohol is something that plenty of us enjoy responsibly, whether that is a glass in the evening with colleagues after work, or a cocktail at the weekend during downtime.

However, drinking can be something you may wish to quit for a month for your own personal reasons or perhaps to support a charity.

Common reasons people take part in Dry January are:

  • Wishing to feel healthier in general
  • Looking to let the body recover from a December full of parties
  • Looking to challenge yourself if you are a regular drinker
  • Wanting to join in on a challenge with friends
  • Hoping to drop some weight
  • Looking to save a bit of cash
  • Looking to avoid common problems with regular drinking such as hangovers

Everyone is different and everybody has their own reason for participating in Dry January. It can take a lot of willpower though, so your Kent Smile dentists want to help by giving you even more reason to stick on your path of sobriety at the start of this year with the following handy health information.

Alcohol And How It Can Affect Your Body

Within government guidelines, drinking alcohol can be part of a healthy and balanced diet. However, drinking too much can have some pretty nasty effects on the body so it is important to be aware of that so you can stay on the healthy side of alcohol consumption.

Here are some common issues with alcohol and how it affects the body:

Sleeping Problems

Drinking alcohol can help you to quickly get to sleep, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing and it certainly doesn’t mean you will get a good nights sleep. As alcohol is a diuretic, it might make you need to go to the toilet throughout the night. You may also stay in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) more than the more restful deep sleep stage that actually helps you feel well rested. If you are already a snorer, you may find that drinking makes the issue worse, as the muscles that cause snoring may relax more and cause you to to snore worse than you usually do.

Obesity & Diabetes

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Achievable New Year’s Oral Health Resolutions….

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From Kent Smile Studio

Having goals for New Year seems a bit overdone to some, but it can be a wonderful opportunity to improve your life alongside everybody else doing the same thing. Stoptober is so successful because people do not feel alone in their struggles to quit smoking. January has the same feel about it, because many people are working towards personal goals for self improvement.

There are lots of New Year resolutions you can consider that are personal to you, but we’d like to give you some achievable resolution ideas relating to your oral health.

After all, your smile is so important and your oral health is directly linked to the health of the rest of your body. Here are some achievable oral health resolution ideas from your Maidstone and Chatham dentist to inspire your New Year and hopefully get your smiling all the way through 2019!

Quit Smoking

We already know that most of our patients are aware of the risks smoking poses to their health. However, we really do want to encourage smokers to move towards quitting, because the risks haven’t changed. You are still at a  50% chance of dying because of your habit, which is really scary. Smoking also has a big effect on your oral health and can contribute to your risk of gum disease, can cause gum recession, cavities, stained teeth, bad breath and contributes hugely to your risk of oral cancers. Quitting smoking is literally giving yourself the gift of a longer life and you’d be hard pushed to beat that as a better resolution! Take a look at the NHS Smokefree site for more information on quitting for good.

Book Regular Checkups

Your dental checkups with us are so important because they ensure we can catch any issues really early. Cavities, worn teeth and other issues are better treated early to avoid costly treatments, painful side effects and more invasive work in the future. We also use checkups as a chance to check for oral cancer, which is also best caught early.

Cut Down On Alcohol Consumption

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Caring For Your Teeth At Christmas

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Seasonal oral care advice from Kent Smile Studio

Christmas is well and truly on its way, and it always comes around so quickly doesn’t it!

It seems the garden furniture is only just going away in the shed, and suddenly you’re getting decked out, planning how to make this years Christmas roasts perfect and wondering which lipstick to pair with that perfect party dress you bought especially for the works ‘do’.

Between organising who’s hosting Christmas dinner this year, and trying to ensure everybody gets their potatoes the way they like on the big day, there is going to be plenty of laughter, smiling and happiness throughout the festive season. Works events, cosy coffees with friends, family gatherings with people you don’t get to see all that often, and of course the endless array of delicious festive food and drink.

Unfortunately, despite the joy of the season, there is an element of risk to your oral health during this time. Our local dentist sees a lot of patients in the New Year who have overindulged, and their smiles have taken the brunt. Oral health issues certainly can be caused or exacerbated by the season of excess. For some, those issues don’t even wait until New Year and we see a number of emergency cases over Christmas. That kind of problem can truly ruin festivities and nobody wants to spend the festive season in pain!

All is not lost though, so don’t worry! There are plenty of things you can do to maintain a happy and healthy smile over Christmas, minimising your chance of a dental emergency, and of starting the New Year with oral health issues.

Our Top Tips For A Healthy And Happy Smile Over Christmas:

Avoid The Prosecco Smile

The term ‘prosecco smile’ is now a thing thanks to the high acid and sugar in alcoholic drinks like prosecco causing damage to the teeth. Fruit ciders, full sugar cola, orange juice and usually any full sugar fizz is likely to be just as bad. To avoid drinks having an adverse effect on your teeth, try to have ice in the drinks to dilute them. It is also useful to drink through a straw to limit the drinks contact with your teeth.

Be Careful With That Cosy Coffee

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Your Smile And Your Self Esteem

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A Link You Owe It To Yourself To Understand

Your smile is integral to your overall health because it is in involved in processing food, talking and more. If your teeth, gums and smile are compromised, this can easily knock on to your general health.

It is also integral to your confidence because it is how you express yourself, and we often lead with our smile in social situations.

Understanding how your smile links to self esteem is really important so that you can understand not only how it affects you, but how much potential you have to improve your smile and therefore the confidence linked with it.

How Your Physical Smile Health Affects You

The way your smile works can have a major impact on your life. Just one missing tooth can be enough to cause problems with the gums, making eating more difficult and changing the way you sound. Your physical smile health could make your breath smell which could cause you to feel self conscious. You may also feel self conscious when you eat, or you may avoid eating certain things but not want to say why to friends who you’re eating with.

Active gum disease may cause you to feel self conscious about your teeth and you may be justifiably worried about losing them. The physical impact of gum disease can also be incredibly worrying, with it being a known contributory risk factor to heart conditions and other serious health issues.

How The Way Your Smile Looks Affects You

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The Link Between Snoring & Your Dentist

examining a dental x-ray at Kent Smile Studio

How the team at Kent Smile Studio can help

Are you snoring a lot and find yourself exhausted and tired in the day? If so, it might be time to consult your dentist.

Snoring and issues with sleep should be something you consult your GP about, but your local dentist can help too.

Lots of patients are surprised when they come to the dentist and are asked about their sleep. However, a dentist is often one of the first people to suggest a sleep disorder such as snoring, bruxism or sleep apnoea.

Sleep Apnoea – A Common But Potentially Deadly Condition

Lots of people have sleep apnoea, it is very common and actually quite well known. It causes shallow breaths whilst sleeping, or it causes the person to stop breathing over 25 times an hour in some cases. This happens because the muscles in the throat relax so much that the airway temporarily becomes obstructed. The person is then woken up by their partner, or by a choke or snort from the body reacting to the lack of air.

Sometimes, bruxism comes before sleep apnea or is a common sign of sleep apnea. This is where the person grinds their teeth which can cause all kinds of problems like receding gums or broken teeth. Long-term the issue can cause jaw pain and even headaches and other problems. This grinding is a key oral health sign of sleep apnoea and there are other symptoms that are characteristic of a sleep disturbance too such as:

  • A red or sore throat on waking
  • Repeatedly waking through the night
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Mood issues
  • Lack of concentration

The constant gasping for breath associated with sleep apnoea eventually causes the body to work harder getting oxygen everywhere, which can eventually increase your risk of high blood pressure and heart problems. So although the issue of sleep apnoea is initially very annoying and tiring, eventually it could contribute to a really serious and life-threatening condition.

How It Feels To Have Sleep Apnoea

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The Most Natural Feeling Dentures Available In Modern Dentistry?

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Using implants to stabilise loose, embarrassing dentures at Kent Smile Studio.

Dentures can be a real boost for oral health in that they can help you to eat, talk and look better than when missing teeth are left as gaps in the mouth.

Denture materials have advanced considerably in recent years as have the techniques used to make them, leading to a much better, all-round experience for patients when compared to the traditional dentures of years ago.

Compared to missing teeth, dentures have many benefits including:

  • Maintaining the structure of the face which changes with missing teeth
  • Helping you eat more normally than with missing teeth
  • Helping you speak better than with missing teeth
  • Avoiding the common collapse of surrounding teeth that move to fill the missing tooth gap
  • Giving you more confidence because your smile is complete
  • Making your smile look better

The problem is that dentures, although a viable alternative to missing teeth, do have their issues regardless of whether or not they have been fitted with precision at Kent Smile Studio. Indeed they can be very problematic for some patients, who long for a more natural feeling smile.

Would you feel happier if your dentures were more secure? Would you love a more natural feeling smile?

You can have both of those things and more with implant retained dentures here at your local dentist, with convenient branches in Maidstone and Chatham. Implant retained dentures are innovative inventions designed to provide patients with high functioning smiles that are free from mess and potential embarrassment when compared to standard dentures. You can live a life where messy denture adhesive, avoiding hard or crunchy foods and living in fear of laughing in case your dentures fall out, are all a thing of the past. You deserve to feel secure in your smile and we can help you!

How ‘Normal’ Dentures Still Have Their Downsides

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Why Is A Consultation With Your Dentist So Important?

Kent Smile Studio in Chatham and Maidstone

The right treatment for you here at Kent Smile Studio

Here at your local dentist serving Maidstone and Chatham, we request that you come in for a consultation before certain treatment plans can be agreed. It isn’t required for everything, but it is an important requirement for some treatment types.

Many of our popular treatments are in demand, and lots of patients want to come in and get treatment started right away, so we want to let you know why the consultation with us is so important. It actually forms the very first step in your treatment plan with us, and has lots of benefits you may not know about.

What Is It?

A consultation is an appointment with our dentist that is usually the first step in a larger and more comprehensive treatment plan. We can book you in at a time convenient to you and we will request preliminary information so we know what it is you want to come in for. It isn’t the same as a checkup as the consultation is usually a chat about the treatment you are interested in. All you have to do is call us at one of our local practices and our team are able to tell you if you require a consultation for the treatment you are interested in. They can then book you an appointment with the right person, give you information on anything you need to bring with you, as well as book you in at a time that suits you best.

When Does It Happen?

The consultation is the first step before a treatment plan takes place. We can book it in at a time convenient to you, and then following a chat and treatment plan agreement with you, we may begin treatment during that time. As a standard rule though, a consultation happens before a treatment or treatment plan.

What Does It Involve?

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Are You Taking Part In Stoptober Next Month?

Dr Shushil Dattani - Kent Smile Studio

Now Is A Great Time To Prepare To Quit Smoking With Help From Kent Smile Studio!

Cancer Research UK statistics tell us that cancer is the number 1 preventable cause of deaths in the UK. Despite that shocking fact, nearly 20% of adults in the UK still smoke.

The good news is, that reports in the papers over the last few years show that the number of smokers is decreasing, and slowly, more and more people are taking the decision to ditch the cigarettes and improve their health immensely.

If you do smoke but want to quit, your Kent Smile dentist is here to support you! Quitting can be difficult and the more support and help you can get with it, the better. Whether it is your first time trying to quit, your tenth time, or you’re still not sure if you can do it yet, now could be a great time to start thinking about a quit date. Dr Shushil Dattani of Kent Smile Studio looks closer below.

Why Now?

It is September, which is the month before the famous Stoptober where people try to quit smoking for the whole month of October. It is an excellent time to quit smoking because you will be doing it with thousands of other people across the country. However, even if Stoptober isn’t right for you, now is a great time to think about quitting smoking as we will quickly be going into 2019 and the New Year is always an excellent time for a fresh start. The time has to be right for you, and we hope here at your Maidstone dental clinic that we can help be an extra form of support and information in your journey to quitting smoking for better health.

Why Quit Smoking?

When you are addicted to nicotine, your brain makes you think that smoking feels nice, and it is also a social habit where lots of people go to the smoking area and enjoy chatting to other smokers. Smoking also comes with a lot of routine for many people, where you enjoy a cigarette after a coffee, or you have your first cigarette at a certain point on the way to work. It becomes such a part of your life that, it can be easy to feel like you’ll never quit. However, every single cigarette causes damage, and each and every cigarette is potentially shaving years off your life. The more you know exactly how bad cigarettes are for your health, and in some instances the health of others around you, the more reasons you have to quit for good.

What Smoking Does To Your….

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