The Spotlight On Facial Aesthetics Treatment

Anti wrinkle treatment

Roll back the signs of ageing at Kent Smile Studio in Chatham and Maidstone!

Over the last ten years, dental services across the UK, and worldwide have extended far beyond the high levels of general dentistry that we’ve become accustomed to. Cosmetic dentistry services are much more widely available and affordable, enabling patients to achieve the celebrity smile they have always dreamed of, enjoying a smile that is both healthy and beautiful.

In addition, further cosmetic services are now standard practice for many modern dental practices. As the smile is often considered to be central to the beauty of the face, naturally, the surrounding features work together with the smile to form the complete facial aesthetic. So offering services such as facial aesthetics is a natural addition to dentistry, and your Kent Smile Studio team is pleased to offer a wide range of latest treatments for patients.

The facial aesthetics services offered by us are focused on dealing with commonly unwanted signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging or loss of volume in the skin. Often patients want to further their dental smile enhancement with non-surgical, pain-free treatments like Botox and fillers, which can be skillfully applied in just one appointment.

Why Can I Get Facial Aesthetics At My Dentists?

Although being able to get Botox and fillers at the dentist is fairly common now, a lot of people are still surprised that their local dentist offers this kind of service. Botox and fillers were something previously associated with a cosmetic surgery clinic only, and so finding out about the easily available services from qualified facial aesthetics team members does come as a surprise to patients. From your Kent Smile Studio dentists perspective, a dental clinic is the ideal space for facial aesthetics. It is a hygienic, medical setting with strict safety and hygiene laws and standards, and only the highest expectations with qualifications, training and service. Facial aesthetics are a natural addition to our services because smile enhancement relates to the overall beauty of the face, and Botox and fillers can further enhance or minimise features that patients feel unhappy with.

Compared to backstreet beauty clinics, home-visit ‘beauty’ experts and other spaces where medical procedures like Botox and fillers should not be available, your dental clinic really is a safe choice for these kinds of treatments. We are pleased to offer these services in a place patients can trust is safe and hygienic.

Are Facial Aesthetics Right For You?

Every single patient is individual in their desire for natural adjustments to their aesthetic. However, there are common reasons that patients visit us for Botox and/or fillers such as:

  • As part of a smile makeover
  • To adjust a feature that has always affected confidence
  • For a big birthday
  • To help with anti-ageing
  • As part of a general looks refresh
  • As a treat following stopping smoking

Fillers or Botox, or a combination of the two, can transform the face in a natural and subtle way, enabling you to feel refreshed and more youthful, without any obvious adjustments. Treatments are individual to your needs. One or several problem areas can be addressed. Some patients may only look to have lips plumped, whilst others may want wrinkles minimised and areas with a loss of volume enhanced. The lips, areas around the eyes, cheeks and forehead can be adjusted in a way that looks completely natural and youthful with a focus on enhancing your natural beauty.


At your Chatham and Maidstone dentists we use Botox which relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles. When we use our facial muscles a lot creases form, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Once the muscles that move and cause those lines are relaxed, the wrinkles are minimised, creating smoother skin and a more youthful look. Smokers lines, frown lines, marionette lines and the crease between the brows can all be minimised using Botox. We skillfully apply the Botox in a clinical environment after listening carefully to the results you would like. There is no down time for treatment and you can expect to see the results develop in full up to 7 days after application. The results will then last for between 3-6 months on average.


Fillers are made from a natural product that is safe to use within the human body, when it is applied with skill and correct training. At Ken Smile Studio we use the popular, Restylane.

Fillers are an incredible aesthetic treatment because they have so many applications. Fillers are excellent for minimising deep lines and wrinkles that Botox may not be able to fully transform. Fillers can also enhance areas you may feel lack volume, such as the lips or the cheekbones. Fillers can sculpt the face gently and naturally, for an overall enhanced aesthetic. The effects are instant, and the results will last a varied amount of time depending on where they have been applied. Your facial aesthetics clinician will be able to tell you how long to expect the results to last.

Botox For Underarms

At Kent Smile Studio we offer Botox treatments for the face, but we can also use Botox to help with some common medical issues such as excess sweating in the underarms.

Botox For Gummy Smiles

Did you know that Botox can help with gummy smile problems? Sometimes a smile can become more gummy because the muscles inside the top lip are overactive and they expose more gum than we would like when smiling. Using carefully applied Botox, we can relax some of those smile muscles, enabling you to smile naturally without exposing so much gum.

Book A Consultation For Facial Aesthetics Treatment At Kent Smile Studio

If you would like to enhance your natural beauty in a safe and clinical environment with our caring, skilled facial aesthetics team, please get in touch. You can reach us on 01634 683123 (Chatham) or 01622 754662 (Maidstone) for more information and to book a consultation at a time to suit you. As with any medical treatment, a thorough consultation is required to assess your suitability, requirements and expectations.

Using the latest techniques and aesthetic products we can help you gently and naturally adjust your looks for enhanced beauty, youthfulness and confidence!