Overcome Your Dental Phobia

Let Kent Smile Studio help you get the treatment you deserve!

Worried womanIt can feel like everyone else in the world comfortably goes to the dentist, gets an appointment and comes out fine. So why is it that you are stuck feeling like you couldn’t possibly visit the dentist for an appointment, and maybe even calling the clinic is too much?

If you suffer from a dental phobia it is important that you know you are certainly not alone.

Here at your local dentist in Chatham and Maidstone, we are sympathetic to anybody struggling with a dental phobia. We have helped many patients get over their fear of the dentist whether they are a little anxious, or struggling to even walk through the doors to reception. Our dental clinics remain open to any patient who needs that additional support, so they can get the dental treatment they deserve.

To us, the key is to treat each and every person as a complete individual with individual fears and worries about the dentist. We don’t apply the same approach to each and every fearful patient because we know everybody has a different trigger. Some people are scared of noises, some are scared of pain, others might be triggered by the worry something will happen beyond their control.

All we know is that the phobia is stopping you from getting the treatment that you need. You deserve to have healthy, happy teeth like everybody else and with our sensitivity and sympathy for your situation, we can help you get over your phobia and get the dental care that you need.

What Is Dental Phobia? Understanding Is The First Step

There are lots of people who would describe themselves as being anxious about the dentist, but they are usually able to get in the chair and have the work done. They simply feel some anxiety when they visit the clinic. Even those with no fear of the dentist usually wouldn’t look forward to their visit, the same as a routine doctors appointment wouldn’t be something to look forward to. These kinds of appointments form an important part of general maintenance but they’re not life highlights, cosmetic dentistry transformations aside, which often do change people’s lives

When it comes to dental phobia, the symptoms can be much more extreme than anxiety. Dental phobics may suffer from symptoms such as:

  • Deep anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Breathing quickly/shortness of breath
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Losing appetite

Just the thought of the dentist can bring on these kinds of symptoms, and it is important to understand that a person’s experience of dental fear will be different to another person’s experience.

Often, the phobia is paired with crippling shame. A person may think that nobody understands them, or that they will be judged because of their oral health. They may even think their oral health is worse than it is, because they are anxious and haven’t seen a dentist in a long time. They may only require a simple filling, but their anxiety has led them to believe they require extractions and lots of painful work. In reality, any issues can be fixed with up-to-date treatments and tools, with the majority of treatments being widely pain-free, and at most, marginally uncomfortable. Dentistry has come a long way in the last decade and dental practices like Kent Smile Studio take pride in providing the latest in general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry to ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible, helping them to maintain a long-term healthy smile.

Your Local Dentist Is Here To Help!

Most people who are able to take the first step to overcoming their phobia of the dentist are often pleasantly surprised by the reality of their experience.

After giving us a call, you’ll find that there is an entire team here who is sympathetic to your needs. Our team has a lot of training when it comes to dealing with dental phobias. Dental fear and anxiety is so common, it plays a part in all modern clinical training.

Once we know about your situation we can tailor a plan to suit your needs. Perhaps you come in and sit in reception the first visit. Maybe you would feel better speaking to a team professional on the phone and explaining how you feel? Maybe you can come in for a consultation that doesn’t involve any treatment, or even an examination? We have a wide range of techniques, ideas and plans to help you feel much more able to cope with a dental setting. We can also try distraction, playing music, more explanation during treatment, or even sedation depending on your needs.

At the base of our approach is helping you to trust our team to take good care of you. No nasty surprises, no unexpected discomfort, no extra challenges!

If dental anxiety has prevented you from having the healthy and happy smile you deserve, you may already know that your oral health could be suffering as a result. Your oral health will not get any better the longer you avoid treatment, and worse, if you have a dental emergency and feel unable to get treatment, it could be life-threatening. The sooner you can take that very first step towards overcoming your fear, the better.

Please get in touch with our understanding teams on 01634683123 or 01622754662 or use our online contact form if calling is too much. You can even get a friend to call if you’re too anxious to call yourself, it still counts as the first step to overcoming your phobia.

Kent Smile Studio is here to help you overcome your dental phobia for good. We have the understanding, the expertise and an amazing team to help you get the treatment that you deserve.